World Building Template: 3 Templates for Fantasy, Science Fiction and General-Purpose (Step-by-Step Instructions)

World Building Template: 3 Templates for Fantasy, Science Fiction and General-Purpose (Step-by-Step Instructions)

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What if you could live in a world of your own creation?

A world in which, solely by a couple of pen strokes on your template, you had an endless stream of soothing milky chocolate tickle your tongue from above, and cuddly little gremlins giving you foot massages?

Now you can!

Well, uhm… in your head, that is.

I take it as a given that we writers are spending a large part of our lives in our heads anyways, and we have furnished their insides like luxury comfy lounges – so now, why don’t you create this world exactly how it excites you most?

Then, populate it with all of your characters who are also living inside your head, side by side with you, mowing the same lawns, attending the same parties, fixing the same kitchen sinks.

(Oh, and who put that free plush puppy dispenser up there in the corner? You sneaky, sneaky person you!)

Ok, but how do you go about creating an entire world?

No problem, I got you covered!

Today, you will receive three templates that should guide you, step-by-step, to create a truly exciting, colorful and multi-dimensional world, no matter your genre. It will be a world that will fascinate readers long after they have closed the back cover of your book.

These are the three templates that will make world building easy for you:

  • General Purpose World Building Template
  • Fantasy World Building Template
  • Science Fiction World Building Template

Templates 2 and 3 focus on the two most common world building genres, Fantasy and Science Fiction. And the first template, you can use for any genre you like that takes place in a non-realistic world; for example, children’s books, fairy tales or horror.

Here is a brief guide on how to make the most of the templates:

How to Use These World Building Worksheets

Sit down with a cup of your favorite tea or with a whiskey (remember, your world will turn out much funkier if it’s whiskey…). Lean back. Take a sip. And when you fill in the questions, keep this in mind:

  1. Take your time, don’t rush
    Going slower means that your imagination has a much better chance of coming up with an enticing, original idea. If no answer comes to your mind, leave the question blank and get back to it tomorrow!
  1. If you are not happy with the result, just toss the sheet and write a new one
    The great news is: You have an unlimited amount of tries, for free.
  1. Dig into your imagination until you find something that’s worth exploring
    I get the feeling I’m repeating myself, right?
  1. Consider the influence your world could have on your plot
    How could the world you are creating make your characters behave? Any interesting new threads there?
  1. Frequently take a step back and look at the big picture: Which details, which connections would make sense in such a world?

World Building Template for All Genres

“Without further ado” is usually what people say after a lot of further ado… so finally, I ado to you, too, my streamlined, exquisite, powerful, cotton-candy-like and kings-of-paperwork most powerful devices ever in the history of paper; my three worldbuilding templates:

General Purpose World Building TemplateFantasy World Building TemplateScience Fiction World Building Template






With the download above, you will receive all three of the templates in one PDF.

If you only want the fantasy world building template or only the science fiction world building template, then look no further than here:

Fantasy World Building Template

Here is the world building template for wizards, warriors and wilderness – all that good stuff:

Fantasy World Building Template

Fantasy Forest

Fantasy Mushroom Forest: Get Your Trip!

Science Fiction World Building Template

And here is the one for clones, cyborgs and cosmic dust – welcome it into your space shuttle:

Science Fiction World Building Template

Science Fiction Forest

Science Fiction Mushroom Forest: Get Your Trip as Well!

Worldbuilding Templates Writing Prompt

Let me know in the comments how the worksheets helped you! Any specific strategies you used when filling them out?

Oh, and enjoy the templates and creating your own, original, kick-ass universe to remember; the one that only you could have ever created!

Ride the pen!


Image Credits: Cover Image: angelnt/123rf; Fantasy Mushroom Forest: sabelskaya/123rf; SciFi Mushroom Forest: klyaksun/123rf

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  1. Crawford Wheeler II

    As per usual this site drops pure gems. World building is super essential yet can be a bit imposing. As of now I’m working on a book series plus short stories which take place in the same world space so there must be a certain continuity. Which can make it a bit hairy.

  2. Mary

    Thank you, you always provide useful information. I am a children’s book writer, but want to branch out into fantasy and science fiction. I have read that world building is critical to these genre.

  3. Ada

    I absolutely loved this article! It was entertaining and easy to read. And naturally the temples were amazing! I have a feeling these might be the ones that finally help me stop procrastinating this, lmao

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