How Many Hours of Writing Do You Lose to Writer's Block or to Simply not Finding the Time to Write?

Enter Stage Left: "Unstoppable Writing Power"

(Annihilate Your Writer's Block in 6 Weeks!)

Self-Paced Video Course 

+ Complete Transcripts

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Real-Life Feedback from My Students...

I asked a couple of students for feedback. Here is what one of them had to say:

 Overall, it's fantastic - really amazing. I feel like it could totally end up as a book, if it's lengthened a bit. […] Keep that book idea in mind - don't waste something as good as this!

Hannah Milev


Tell Me: Is This You...?

  • You would love to write, but you just can’t drag your butt to the chair
  • When you write, you have trouble staying focused; especially if the ideas aren't flowing
  • Your inner editor is a total stickler, picking at everything, instead of letting you get into the flow!
  • You have a mean little voice in your head that just never shuts up – a voice that tells you Your ideas are not good enough, or You will never write anything worthwhile, or You are chasing the wrong dream here
  • You often feel overwhelmed by the task, and you feel like writing is just so much work
  • You are enthusiastic when you start out with your novel, but then you lose steam during the “sagging middle” or during editing
  • You are super tight best friends with your fear of failure; even if you prefer not to be…
  • You get stuck forever trying to figure out what to do next (next plot point, next paragraph, next line of dialogue, etc.)
  • You tell yourself that everything has to be perfect, even though you know it doesn't
  • You feel that your fiction is vanilla, while everyone else's is hot pepper
  • You find it hard to focus on one story without getting bored - you get tempted too quickly by your next shiny idea
  • It’s hard for you to find the right frame of mind to sit down and actually write; too many other things are going on in your life that take up all of your "brain space"

So tell me: Is any of this you!?

The writing community has found a nice little summarizing label for all of these problems: “Writer’s Block.” Read on to find out how to get rid of it.

OR is your biggest challenge finding the time to write?

  • Maybe you need to squeeze writing in around a 9 to 5 job
  • Maybe your daily schedule is filled to the brim with jobs, household, family, and daily errands
  • Maybe life is constantly throwing curve balls at your schedule
  • Maybe you feel like you have too many ideas, and never enough time

You can be helped! But you need a plan, and you need to be forced to stick to it.

You need, so to speak, your personal "antidote" against writer's block. Here, I still have a couple of bottles left:

It’s Time to Eradicate Your Writer’s Block and Time Hurdles… For Good!

Stop wasting all of that energy by trying to write! Life is short! It’s time for you to leave all of these petty blocks and time worries behind, and follow your passion with all of your heart. Introducing the…

[♫ Pulls back curtain, whistles Western shootout tune: ♫ ♪]

Unstoppable Writing Power

This program will completely change your writing life. It will equip you with some butt glue, make you focus, silence that stupid inner perfectionist, boost your writing confidence, shut up that mean voice, give you a fresh and powerful start and make your motivation burn again!

And it will make sure you carve out the pockets of writing time you deserve.

All within about 6 weeks time.

Are you ready?

Imagine the rush of delight when you finally put that last full stop under your finished story 

Imagine having risen above all your inner demons, just like you would step over a drunken sailor in a doorway.

  • The immense satisfaction you get simply from holding your finished story in your hands
  • The confidence it gives you to know that you can beat your inner (and outer) resistance
  • The relief of knowing you will have enough writing time at your hands in the future
  • The pride you feel when presenting your stories to your friends and loved ones
  • The excitement when you finally send your baby off to the publishers 

Seriously, how would it feel to know that from now on:

  • You will be able to finish 1-3 novels per year, and bring out all of the ideas you want
  • You will constantly be getting better and better at writing, and maybe even excellent, because of all the practice
  • You will rarely feel disheartened again because you just wasted yet another day
  • You will most of the time feel super motivated to open your laptop or pick up the pen and write away

Imagine your life penning down story after story without inhibitions and with laser-sharp focus. A world without procrastination or time constraints.

Land of milk and honey? Unrealistic, you say?

Just read on to understand how you can actually make more time to write than you ever had…

Real-Life Feedback from My Students

I learned a lot […] Your analysis has opened my eyes on a lot of my issues and how to deal with them.

 The action plans you put forth are realistic and achievable. You also added the personal touch by describing your own experiences, so no one can possibly say that it's mission impossible. […]

 Your prose is engaging and makes it fun to read so at no time was I bored or felt lectured, you know? It's like I was talking to a therapist and he explained my issues in a clear and concise way without making me feel less than I am and provided insightful observations and doable solutions.

 It's a really good course. Very helpful and engaging and interactive to the point that anyone reading it and who needs help should identify with, if not all the points, then at least some of them and use the solutions to provide a ladder for them to get out of the hole they dug themselves in.

S.R. McKade


Find Your "Procrastinator Type"

and Get Your Personal Battle Plan!

One-size-fits-all solutions don't work. That's true for medications, for jeans, for raising your children, and also for advice against writer's block.

What's the real reason you don't get to write?

It might be one clear problem, or a more complex mix of issues. Start the course by taking the ‘Procrastinator Personality Test.’ Depending on your type, you will then be directed to the specific action modules that will help precisely you.

With my blog, I get a huge amount of feedback from writers on a daily basis. It’s truly eye-opening. The ‘Procrastinator Test’ was distilled from hundreds of survey answers and emails, and from seeing the same half a dozen mental blocks surfacing over and over again. If you have writer's block or time problems, I can almost guarantee you will find yourself in one of these 'buckets.' You are not alone!

Take the test: Are you The Doggie, The Hedgehog, The Beaver, The Bee, The Ant, or The Butterfly?

Your real problem might not even be what you think it is. Take the test and find out!

This Is What You Get:

Unlimited Writing Power is a self-paced video course, designed to find out exactly what your real problem is that keeps you from writing. It will give you actionable, hands-on advice you can put into practice immediately.

Module 1:

Finding the Time… Always!

The first module zooms in on anybody who doesn’t find the time to write. Caught up in your everyday life between work, family and daily errands? This part will give you a step-by-step system to find writing time for yourself. Always.

You will also hear about:

  • The most dangerous pitfalls that distract from writing time
  • Why we are slower when we have more time
  • How to say “No” to people to save more time for yourself
  • And much more
  • Module 2:

    Breaking Through Your Fears… The Mindset

    Module 2 will re-program your mindset; it will completely turn upside down your perception of topics like writer’s block, procrastination, confidence, focus and perseverance, and equip you with a much more helpful outlook. Never again will you see your writing problems like you used to.

    You will also hear about:

    • -  How you shouldn’t feel bad because even famous authors struggle all the time
    • -  Why overcoming procrastination is the most helpful thing you could ever do for yourself as a writer
    • -  Why you should embrace writers block (yes, seriously!)
    • -  About the concept of plateaus
    • -  And much more

    Module 3:

    Writer's Block Personality Test

    The third module is the personality test. It consists of 36 questions that will determine exactly what is holding you back, and which type of procrastinator you are.

    Together with your result, you will receive a list of the action plans recommended for you.

    Module 4:

    Your Action Plans

    Module 4 contains your action plans. Go to the action plans recommended for you specifically! They are eight custom-tailored solutions you will start to implement immediately.

    Every action plan ends with an action item you can and should execute within 10 minutes. No theoretical blah blah. All of the plans are step-by-step and highly hands on, so you don’t get lost in your plans again, but instead get moving!

    Module 1: Finding The Time… Always!

    Lesson 1: Make Your Choice

    Lesson 2: How to Make Time to Write: The Golden Rule

    Lesson 3: Parkinson’s Law

    Lesson 4: Time-Suckers: Keep Them on a Short Leash

    Lesson 5: Learn to Say ‘No’

    Module 2: Breaking Through Your Fears - The Mindset

    Lesson 6: Introduction/Fueling Your Mind

    Lesson 7: The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Writing

    Lesson 8: What Famous Writers Said

    Lesson 9: What’s Writer’s Block?

    Lesson 10: Your Plateaus

    Lesson 11: Why Writer’s Block Is Your Friend

    Module 3: Testing Your Personality Type

    Module 4: Your Action Plans

    Lesson 12: Introduction/Preparation

    Action Plan 1: Create a Habit

    Action Plan 2: The Power of the Deadline

    Action Plan 3: Wheels in Motion

    Action Plan 4: The Golden First Step

    Action Plan 5: The Logbook Method

    Action Plan 6: The Playground Game Plan

    Action Plan 7: Laser-Sharp Focus

    Action Plan 8: Decide on One Story

    But that's not all...

    Bonus Number One: Full Transcripts

    You will also receive the complete transcripts to all of the lessons, neatly formatted so you can read them easily.

    If you are the type to prefer text over video, you now have the entire program in text form to soak up the content at your own pace and in the format that serves you best and that you enjoy most. I’m sure some of you will also be faster when reading than watching a video.

    Bonus Number Two: 5 x Canned Motivation

    Whenever you are in need of a serious kick in the butt or an uplifting speech: I will be your cheerleader! Just start one of these purely motivational videos, and the itch to write will come back.

    These 5 videos are “canned motivation” – open and consume when you feel as sluggish as melted cheese and nothing else helps. Let their content fill you with energy and start writing right after the last second has played. They are 5 magic arrows in your quiver.

    Real-Life Feedback from My Students

    After each video, I did want to reach for my laptop and start working on a story. […] What I find most useful is the way the videos highlight specific, possible causes for one's procrastination, rather than just the much broader feeling of ennui and "I can't seem to write".

     The notion of "writer's block" can seem like an insurmountable wall. But by thinking about why you're procrastinating, it's more like a locked door and all you've got to do is find the proverbial right key to unlock it.

     That video gave my creative side a welcome kick in the butt to take the wheel and stop my rational side from being an annoying backseat driver.

    Insaaf Everson

    South Africa 

    What you get:

    • Self-Paced Video Course
    • 4 Modules
    • 8 Action Plans
    • Writer's Block Personality Test
    • Comes with Templates
    • Complete Transcripts
    • 5x Canned Motivation Bonus Module
    • Money-Back Guarantee

    Price: 220€

                                   160€ (or ~$190)

                               or 3x 64€ (or 3x ~$76)

                                         or 5x 41€ (or 5x ~$49)

    Special Offer (-60€ or about -$70) ends in:



    Because, well, most of us would do anything to put off writing for a bit longer...

    Hi, I’m Alex, writer and blogger, and I was a master procrastinator. I still am, a little bit. We can’t lobotomize ourselves and completely re-program our personalities (wouldn’t be healthy). Therefore, I’m not telling you that this course is a magic pill that will make any procrastination go away 100% overnight. 

    But at this point, I have found more than half a dozen different tactics and strategies that help me make much better use of my time. They work like a charm. I have found the most helpful and productive mindset to write my fiction and my blog. It makes me five times as effective and lets me massively progress with my writing day by day, week by week. 

    In this program, I want to lay all of my my experience out to you so you can do the same. Come join me inside!



    This program will either cut back your writer’s block massively, and free a lot of time for your writing – or you return it and get your money back.

    Try the program. If for some reason it doesn’t help you, shoot me an email within 14 days. You will receive your entire money back and get your access revoked, no questions asked. Easy as that. This guarantee would be easy to abuse, but I still offer it, because I’m 100% convinced my course will help you a lot.


    Click on the little arrows for answers

    Will this work for me?

    What if I don't fit into any of these types?

    I don't have much time. How much time will this take?

    Will this course be updated? And will I get free access to future versions?

    How long will it take to see results?

    What do I need to bring with me?

    I have never written fiction before. Will this work for me?

    I'm a more experienced writer. Can I still benefit from this course?


    STEP 1: Enroll in Unstoppable Writing Power

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    STEP 2: You Will Immediately Receive an Email with All the Details

    Find a link to the course page in your inbox, and take a couple of seconds to set your personal password.

    STEP 3: You Will Have Access to the Course Right Away

    The course will be waiting for you, so you can dive right in. You will have access to it as long as it exists (and even to any possible improvements and updates).




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