• 12 smart fill-in-the-blanks templates to make writing your novel easy
  • E.g. Suspense Sheet; Dialogue Conflict Sheet; Character Motivation Template; ‘Inject Message’ Sheet; One-Page Plot Guide; and complete ‘painting by numbers’ for 3 genres: Romance, fantasy and mystery/crime stories (and much more...)
  • To download and print
  • Plottinator 10-Day Video Program to Find Your Perfect Story Plot
  • 36 Templates and Checklists to Make You Focus on What Really Matters
  • 3 Full Example Plots to Make It Obvious What Works
  • Troubleshooter Bonus Module to Eliminate Last Plot Hurdles
  • Complete Transcripts
  • Get Your Own Log-in and Build Your Plot Whenever You Want

Plottinator is closed right now and opens its doors about twice per year. Get on my email list below to get informed when it's available!

  • Practical Program to Get Your Writing Unblocked in 6 Weeks
  • Writer's Personality Test to Find out What Really Holds You Back
  • 8 Hands-on Action Plans for Immediate Implementation
  • Useful Lists and Templates
  • Complete Transcripts + Motivational Videos
  • Let me read your story and explain to you exactly what works and what doesn’t
  • Receive a specific guideline of how you can fix the crucial building blocks of your story and make it shine
  • We will turn your idea into something fantastic, or, if it’s good already, put a narrative cherry with cream on top
  • And in the process, you will learn a lot, so you can write all of your future stories much better, right from the beginning

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