Coaching is currently off.

Which means it’s not available at the moment. Maybe lightning struck me, maybe I’m giving endangered Pandas a foot massage, or maybe I’m busy otherwise.

Next best thing: This free ebook by the title of The 44 Key Questions to Make Your Story Look like Hemingway in Earnest. It helps you to easily check what’s great about your story and what’s missing; you can “coach yourself,” so to speak. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

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I’m currently preparing a small, but effective product that will show you how you can beat writer’s block (even if it’s really bad).

From talking to readers, I have identified six types of writer’s block, and the chances are extremely high you fit into one of them. My product will present solutions to all six types; it will be highly practical, but also have a part that will change your psychology and your view on your writer’s block. A special chapter will be dedicated to “How to find time to write (no matter how busy you are).”

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