Let's Turbo Charge Your Story Together, 

You and Me! 

Come step on into the nurturing world of…

  • I will read your story, x-ray it with my laser eyes, and explain to you exactly what works and what doesn’t.
  • You will then receive a specific guideline of how you can fix the crucial building blocks of your story and make it shine.
  • We will turn your idea into something fantastic, or, if it’s good already, put a narrative cherry with cream on top.
  • And in the process, you will learn a lot, so you can write all of your future stories much better, right from the beginning.

But… is my story actually any good?

So you just penned your final words below your tale – but is your story actually any good?

➥ Maybe you like it – but is it really that well-made, or does it just work well in your head? Maybe you are wearing blinders because you are so much in love with your creation.

➥ Maybe you don’t like it that much – but are you just your own worst critic?

What’s missing in your story, if anything?

Your friends and family, even if they have the heart to be honest with you, can just tell you if they are into it or not.

But how can you get ahold of solid feedback that’s not just a quick nod or shake of the head, but is able to explain to you exactly why something works or doesn’t, and on top of it provide you with a sound plan to fix it?

Plus, hopefully your goal is not just to improve this one single story, but to grow as a writer and add to your tool set, so all of your future stories will become electrifying right off the bat, with less and less effort, and without the need for exhaustive re-writing and editing sessions.

I’m reaching out my hand (which usually holds a pen), and if you want, you can grab the opportunity and let me look at your story in-depth, so I can point out all of the setscrews we can turn in order to shape and mold your narration into something fantastic.

One Simple Trick to Turn You 

into an Unbiased Editor

Want to know a simple trick that will equip you with a more neutral point of view when examining your story? 

I will give you the poor-man’s-method to adopt a cold, objective eye: Put your manuscript away for several days or weeks. 

When you pick it up again, you will feel more removed from it emotionally, and you will have forgotten some details: Now you will be able to judge it more from the “outside” than from the “inside”!

The longer you stay away from your writing, the stronger this effect will be.

However, if you are ready to spend a bit of money, there is also a much more effective route you can take (that will give you much better results):

The Trick to Taking the Shortcut

with Coaching

Your path to getting better with any skill will lead you through a lot of ups and downs, through plenty of advances and setbacks.

If you have been writing for a while – or practicing any skill for that matter – I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: It’s two steps forward, one step back. It feels like you are approaching your goal in wide, wasteful, endless serpentines: 

Or, worst case, you are just moving in endless circles, without ever advancing:

Coaching lets you take the shortcut.

With coaching, your path to becoming a good writer will look more like this:

Yes, of course you still have to do the writing yourself. But it will feel like you just found a secret treasure map with reliable markers, leading you to your goal.

Coaching will be that treasure map for you – now grab your shovel and your sharpest pen and go for it!

The point of my written reviews or of our coaching session will be to point out several precise setscrews you can turn that will improve your writing tremendously.

A setscrew could be that your plot is missing twists, or your dialogue feels stilted, or you lose yourself in endless descriptions. It’s often enough to adjust just one or two of these screws to make you a vastly better writer. It will probably make you feel as if you had just discovered a secret “hack.”

However, we will probably be able to identify several of these crucial setscrews – which means you can kill many writing birds with one single coaching stone.

How Do You Become a Great Writer?

Want a simple formula?

Here it is:

Repetition + Adjustments = Unconscious Competence

What the heck does that mean?

It means that with any skill you train (riding a bike; chess; negotiating; whatever…), once you get very good at it, you will be able to perform it on a high level automatically, without even having to think about it: You have now reached “unconscious competence.”

Here is the crucial point though: In order to reach unconscious competence, what you need is constant practice.

Translation: You have to write a lot, plus adjust or tweak whatever you are doing. Which means, you have to learn from your mistakes and also implement what you have learned.

The great news is, if you want to shorten your learning curve (and the time it will take for you to become a really good writer), you can profit from my experience. I made all the mistakes for you, so you don’t have to make them yourself anymore.

I can not take the repetition part from you (and hey, I hope writing is not Dante’s inferno for you, but a fun experience), but I can relieve you of the “scratching-your-head-and-running-in-endless-circles” part.

I will show you a clear path.

I will use all of my writing expertise to point out exactly to you what you have to improve and how you can improve it.

Readers' Voices

                                    Shirley Battie, UK

  Krista Russo, Pennsylvania (Amazon Author Page)

                   Eddie Matt, Kenya

Finally... You Will Know Exactly What to Do to Bring Your Stories to the Next Level

This coaching program was designed to give you the best chances to catapult yourself to the next level as a writer. It comes with clear guidance, examples, prompts, encouragement, and a precise explanation of how to add what’s missing!

Here is how it works:

  • You send me your story excerpt, and (if you want) your thoughts and questions
  • I will read your manuscript at least twice, take notes and scan it for its weaknesses and strong points as well as anything else that stands out
  • I will look at all the building blocks of your story: Plotline and structure; characters; dialogues; theme; language; descriptions; etc…
  • You will then receive a “Story Scanner Report” of everything that I think works and doesn’t work, as well as specific guidelines on how to fix things and even turn shortcomings into advantages. If you want, and depending on the package you chose, we can also hop on a Zoom or Skype call instead
  • You will also receive a few writing prompts that are precisely tailored to what your story lacks. For example, if your figures feel faceless, you will get exercises on how to breathe life into your characters.
  • Do these exercises BEFORE you sit down to re-write your scenes! They are the dumbbells you use for training beforehand, so the real competition becomes a breeze for you.
  • Finally, if you want, and again depending on the package you choose, you can send me your re-written excerpt for feedback
  • If you have a specific story problem or question in mind, no problem: For example, you need to know whether the plot should be tightened, or if your 1st person point of view makes sense. Just let me know and I will keep it in mind during my review

Oh, and a couple more points I should mention so you can get a clear picture of the nature of this coaching session:

 → Your Story Is Your World and Your Vision

I’m 100% aware of that, and I’m here to support you. You will NOT get a coach who subconsciously tries to remodel your story into what he himself would have written – all to the contrary!

What you want to do is the spring board and at the same time the final destination of where we are going.

→ The Only Question That Matters

I’m not a fan of strict writing rules. I don’t insist on classical storytelling patterns, and I won’t have a fit if your story doesn’t come with 3 acts. Do whatever you want – you are the artist.

Coaches who want to impose their strict guidelines on you are lacking flexibility and artistic understanding. There is only one question that matters: Does it make sense? If it does, you can break any rule.

Oh, and are you a sugar addict? I’m asking because…

→ No Sugarcoating

If I think your story is written badly, I will tell you – no sugarcoating! That doesn’t help anybody.

If I think your story is great, I will also tell you – again, this is no sugarcoating. Don’t think that I do this to butter you up; that would also serve nobody.

I will always tell you the truth about what is really going on with your tale.

In Summary, Here Are the Guiding Principles

of Our Coaching Session:

The "X-Ray" Method

In-depth analysis and crystal clear, methodical explanation of what the problem is. From there, specific, easily understandable instructions of how you can fix any problem, and even convert a drawback into an asset

The Cheerleader Approach

The environment of our coaching should always be helpful, encouraging and uplifting. You will leave with an “I can do this” feeling. Let me put on my brightest, most sparkling cheerleader outfit to cheer you on!

The "Kiddie-Pool-First" System

Receive custom-tailored writing prompts for the elements your story needs improvement in. Sharpen your writing skills with these exercises first, before you sit down to rewrite your story – the rewriting will then come much easier to you. It’s like training in the kids’ pool first before dabbling with the dolphins.

The "No-Sugar-Added" Stance

You will receive an honest, direct assessment of how good your story really is. I will never be unnecessarily critical or sweet-talk you. Keep this in mind in case you are praised by me.

Also... Whom This Is Not For:

  • Anybody who expects me to write their story for them. Your story is your creation, that’s the whole point of it, and I’m offering coaching and not ghostwriting
  • Anybody who is not willing to follow through with re-writing – coaching makes no sense for you. Save your money for a new coffee machine
  • For anybody who loves self-learning and has a very easy time picking up instructions from videos and templates: It’s more economical if you get an online course instead (e.g. my Plottinator program). However, you will not get personal attention with an online course.
  • If you don’t like the idea of sharing your story or ideas with a coach over the internet for whatever reason
  • If you have much more time and energy at your disposal than you have money (feel free to go ahead and take the longer road practicing alone)

On the Other Hand... Whom This Is For:

  • Any fiction writer who wants a clear view about where he and his story are standing and who needs the deep insights of an objective professionalFiction writers who are serious about advancing their craft and who know that by putting in the hours, great authors are madeFiction writers who are serious about advancing their craft and who know that by putting in the hours, great authors are made
  • Fiction writers who are serious about advancing their craft and who know that by putting in the hours, great authors are made 
  • Anybody who feels like they got stuck with their story and like it’s not turning out the way they envisioned it
  • Writers who want a shortcut to polishing their writing skills and are looking for the 1-3 spins that will advance         them fast

Where My Coaching Will Get You...

  • You will gain extensive knowledge about which elements of your story work and which don’t work and how to fix them
  • You will hold in your hands a specific step-by-step game plan of how you can polish your story to greatness
  • Custom-tailored writing prompts will make your life easier, because the techniques you are going to apply will have become ingrained in your brain by the time you sit down
  • You will save yourself endless weeks and months of dull, arduous, and bone-grinding editing work on all of your future stories, for eternity
  • You will see a huge leap forward in your level of writing skill that will stick with you for all of your stories for the rest of your life
  • Lastly, you will gain a great feeling about what it is that you want to do

Choose Whichever Package Suits You Best:

Bronze Level

The Bronze Level includes:

  • Page Count: Send me up to 4 pages of your manuscript for critique
  • Review: You will receive about 1 page of review, laser-focused on the one biggest problem your story has and how to fix it
  • Time + Preparation: The time and effort it takes me to read your material at least twice and take notes are, of course, included

ATTENTION: Please understand that this package is the economy option. Your advantage is that you will pay very little. The disadvantage is that you will only receive a very basic level of attention. We will focus on the one big thing your story could do better – but this alone can lead to a massive improvement in your storytelling skills!

Gold Level

The Gold Level includes:

  • Page Count: Send me up to 8 pages of your manuscript for critique; or send me the complete synopsis for your novel or screenplay, if you want to work on the plot only
  • Review: You will receive 3-4 pages of focused analysis of what works and what doesn’t work, as well as specific instructions on how to fix it and make your story (or synopsis) shine; OR we can hop on a 30 min Skype or Zoom call and talk about it in person
  • Exercises: You will receive 2 custom-tailored writing prompts, so you can exercise the exact storytelling skills that will serve you most beforehand
  • Email Support: You can ask me your most important questions in a follow-up email
  • Time + Preparation: Of course, the time and effort it takes me to read your material at least twice and take notes are also included

Platinum Level

The Gold Level includes:

  • Page Count: Send me up to 20 pages of your manuscript for critique; or send me the complete synopsis for your novel if you want to work on the plot only
  • Review: You will receive up to 5-6 pages of focused analysis of what works and what doesn’t work, as well as specific instructions on how to fix it and make your story (or synopsis) shine; OR we can hop on a Skype or Zoom call and talk about it in person (up to 1 hour, but I will stay longer if truly needed)
  • Exercises: You will receive 5 custom-tailored writing prompts to train the exact storytelling skills your story is missing beforehand
  • Email Support: You can ask me as many questions as you want in as many follow-up emails as you want (within reason) for the next 30 days after coaching. This gives you ample opportunity for further feedback and adjustments
  • Time + Preparation: Of course, the time and effort it takes me to read your material at least twice and take notes are also included


  • Send Me 4 Pages
  • 1-Page Review
  • My Time + Preparation


  • Send Me 20 Pages or Synopsis
  • 5-6 Pages Review + Specific Instructions
  • 5 Custom-Tailored Writing Prompts
  • Email Follow-Ups
  • My Time + Preparation

Special Requests

If you have any specific ideas about what you want to work on with me, or any questions in particular about your story answered, no problem. Just shoot me an email at alex at ridethepen dot com and let me know in advance. Give me as many details as possible about what you expect, and I will give you a quote.

For example:

  • SCREENPLAYS: I love screenplays – I went to a film school and worked on movies for a while. Same conditions as above apply – except feel free to send me double the number of pages, as screenplay pages are much shorter.
  • SYNOPSIS/TREATMENTS/OUTLINES: If you want to work on your bare plot, send me a synopsis of your story. We will take it apart from a bird’s eyes perspective and look at all of its moving parts.
  • MEMOIRS: Are you writing on memoirs or on the story of your life? I have worked on memoirs before and will get you on track to put something together that looks cohesive, intriguing and authentic.
  • NON-FICTION: Yes, we can do that too. Non-fiction is easier than fiction anyways, and we can borrow some fiction techniques to make people devour whatever you have to tell them like they devour the latest Rosamunde Pilcher novel.
  • ANYTHING ELSE: Just ask. Send an email to alex at ridethepen dot com, tell me what exactly you are looking for, and I will give you a quote.

Your Experienced Story Doctor

Yes, that’s me! I’m the physician of your wildest imaginations, which I want to bring out of you in mint condition.

Sometimes straightening out some bones is enough for a healthy plot endoskeleton. Other times, a bigger intervention into the heart of your story is needed. With decades of writing experience and having built a successful blog about fiction writing from the ground up, you will get all of my expertise focused on your story and your progress as a writer.

Over the years, I received so many requests for coaching that I finally wanted to offer my full personal attention to you and your story.

These are the kind of emails I receive almost on a daily basis – and I’m looking forward for you to set your foot into my doctor’s office.



alex at ridethepen dot com