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How about 12 solid ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ templates to do the heavy lifting for you?

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I know, I know… while you are writing a scene, there are so many things to consider – and it can get confusing or overwhelming:

  • Are you approaching this from the right angle?
  • What else could you bring in during that conflict, or in that scene, or for this action?
  • How can you truly get to the core of it all?

These 12 templates will make it as easy as possible for you and serve as guiding ropes. 

They will help you collect all of your relevant ideas, and then push you in the right direction so you can get where you want to be with your story.

For example, let’s say you want to write a suspenseful scene. Even though you have created a threat or a danger for that scene, it still somehow feels like there should be more to it. How can you inject nail biting suspense into the situation?

Now just pull out your template and fill it in:

  • Some of the questions will be obvious to you – but now you have collected them all in order on a neat sheet. You just brought method and clarity into your creative thought process.
  • Other questions you would never have thought about. They will shine a spotlight on aspects you neglected or forgot and also serve as inspiration for a sparkling scene.
  • Once you have filled in all the blank spaces, put the template next to you while you are writing. You will now be continuously reminded of the most crucial points and have everything you need at your disposal with just one glance, while you are guided through your scene or story.

Because here is something you need to know about writing:

In Art, Being Creative Is Not Enough

This might be the most important thing you could ever learn about writing: Your ideas don’t just need to be creative – they also need to be molded into the right form.

Otherwise, they will look like a lump of gold that has never been formed or polished: It’s just not enjoyable to look at. Some technique is necessary for your story to sound enticing.

Fill these templates in quickly and leave them next to you while you are writing, guiding you through your thought process. Let them help you build your scenes from the ground up!

  I have always appreciated your templates throughout the years. Your information is always spot on in each one.

Although I am still working on several of them, I can already see how valuable they are in planning work for my book.

I can also see that you put a lot of effort into each one.

Thanks so much,


Jan Bouchard-Kerr

Surrey, British Columbia; Canada

These are the 12 Templates

1. ‘Bring Secrets into Your Scene’ Template

2. Dialogue Conflict Template

3. ‘Bring Suspense into Your Scene’ Template

4. Character Goals/Motivation Worksheet

5. One-Page Plot Guide

6. Characters’ Emotions Tracker

7. Inject Deep Meaning into Your Story Template

8. Romance Story Template

9. Fantasy Story Template

10. Mystery/Crime Story Template

11. World Building Sheet

12. How to Add Subtle Humor and Situational Irony

What the Templates Will Do for You:

  • Take you by the hand and guide you through your scene/plot/character behavior/etc.
  • Make preparing a story (or scene) a lot easier
  • Get more of what you want out of your Scene/Plot/Character/Dialogue/etc.
  • Never again scramble for information and lose your stream of consciousness
  • Less need for editing because your first draft turns out tighter
  • Free your mind from administrating your scenes and characters to have more fun with the creative bits

Have the templates on your computer within minutes:

12 Templates 

Standard Price:            36€ (~$43)

 Special Offer Now:   24€ (~ $29)

  Dialog conflict template: Really useful when stuck

Character goals/motivation worksheet: Fantastic to keep track of things and also of evolution of character

My preferred one: One page plot guide. Really useful to put ideas in black and white and test them.

How to add subtle humor... Really interesting and useful, kind of a turning point for a situation/scene. You saved my day with a short story. ^__^

I want to try the romance story template 'cause I have some idea but have never written a romance.

I write many scifi and fantasy stories and find my way through them; I find the fantasy story template really wonderful for story ideas and catching ideas and thoughts

Massimiliano Enrico

Turin; Italy

  Hi! I have used some of the templates and they're very useful and amazing.

Actually, I've always had some complications using descriptions, building a strong intrigue and, especially when writing mystery stories, keeping the suspense until a specific scene. But thanks to these templates, my writing is improving tremendously. Thanks a bunch!!

Drake Reids


Here Are the 12 Templates, One by One:


‘Bring Secrets into Your Scene’ Template

Have you ever wondered how to bring more depth into your scene and make it less in-your-face? How to make the reader feel like there is more going on under the hood?

This template leads you through all the tactics and approaches of bringing secrets into your scene.


Dialogue Conflict Template 

You might know that conflict is the most powerful engine of a story. But in bad dialogue, the exchange is often too direct, and the back-and-forth comes more from the brain than from the heart.

How do you make good old conflict thrive fully in your dialogue?

This template lets you easily organize feelings, actions, triggers and much more. It explores all the aspects of your conflict and gives you ideas for how the characters challenge each other and how one thing leads to the next. Escalation hits like a lightning bolt!


‘Bring Suspense into Your Scene’ Template

What makes your scene suspenseful? Which elements can you bring in to create danger and tension?

Fill in this template, and you have all the elements of hair-spiking suspense right at your fingertips.


Character Goals/Motivation Worksheet

Keeping the overview over what your characters want and what drives them at each point in the story is important – and makes it much easier to coordinate your characters’ goals and actions and to tie up all of the story elements

This template does this for you with its neat labels and columns.


One-Page Plot Guide

Write down your entire story construct on one single sheet of paper! This mini-template will strip your story down to its bone and make it simple for you to keep its most important elements in plain sight.

From there, it’s easier to develop the finer nuances.


Characters’ Emotions Tracker

Putting yourself into the shoes of all of these different characters can be confusing.

This template tracks how each of your characters feels at each point in the story, so you can keep their emotions perfectly clear. It also includes emotion diagrams.


'Inject Deep Meaning into Your Story' Template

If you want to bring more message and subtext into your story, then this one will be gold for you. It’s a step-by-step instruction on how you can inject purpose and meaning. It will make you:

    1. Detect the hidden message in your finished story; 

    2. If necessary, bring in a new message/new subtext; and 

    3. Make sure your subtext is powerful, but not pushy


Next, we have the 3 genre templates: They are the easiest way ever to plot out your genre story. This is as close to “painting by numbers” for fiction writers as you will ever get:

Romance Story Template

Fill in the blanks, check some boxes – and done is your magical romance story!

This template will make you ponder the right questions, guide you along the important elements and thinking patterns for romance stories, and finally tie everything up for your passionate Romeo-and-Juliet tale. (8 Pages)

If you are writing in a different genre than romance, use this template for your romantic subplot. A romantic encounter is one of the most enticing subplots you can create for any genre, period!


Fantasy Story Template

This template does exactly the same thing for you as the Romance Story Template; only this one is for your Fantasy story.

It helps you find all of the fantastic story elements that make this genre so intriguing, and also helps by organizing your plot, subplots, characters and story elements, so they all make sense as an exciting unit. (6 Pages)

The World Building Sheet (see below) is a great additional resource to make your Fantasy world shine.


Mystery/Crime Story Template

The third genre template is for Mystery and Crime stories. Here, you will find a guide to invent the complete riddle your story holds: First, backwards-engineer it for a logical buildup, and then start from the beginning of the story to create an enticing plot arc and reader experience. (7 Pages)

In this genre, it’s especially important to keep your overview at all times. Fill in the blanks, and the template will take care of the rest by ramping it all up to maximum effect, leading up to a breathtaking climax!


World Building Sheet

This template will help you out with Fantasy, Science Fiction, Children’s Books, or any other story that builds on its own world. (6 Pages)

It will get you to look at your world from angles you never thought of before, and guide you to a well-balanced, exciting universe in which everything makes sense.


How to Add Subtle Humor and Situational Irony

Not writing comedy? Maybe you think you don’t need this sheet then. However, think about it: Situational irony makes stories of every genre much more interesting. It’s additional fun for the reader and a spice that makes the main dish that much more enjoyable.

When you think of James Bond (Thriller), American Psycho (Horror), Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels (Fantasy), or many other great books and movies: They all are amazing in their own genre, but the touch of humor brings them to a whole other level. And you can do this too – easily and step by step, with this template.

 While away I have spent some time browsing the templates which I had printed, and I can see how useful they will be when I get back to my hobby.

Eric Ellard

Billinge, Lancashire; UK

 I love the 12 Templates! 

I can use them to make what I have written strong and to inspire future writings. Thanks!

Jasmine Connor

Hughson; California

You Get:

  • 12 smart fill-in-the blank templates to support you in all aspects of your writing
  • To download and print
  • Fun templates in color with beautiful 3D graphics
  • In the future, there will probably be an additional “Word” version you can fill out on your computer screen (without printing); you will get that version too, for free, if buy now.

Have the templates on your computer within minutes:

12 Templates 

Standard Price:            36€ (~$43)

 Special Offer Now:   24€ (~ $29)

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